Monday, July 28, 2014

Women's Sun Visors manufactured by Take Two

Take Two Sun Visors for women manufactures fabulous customizable sun visors.  Some of the online retail outlets are retiring or going away. For example and may be going out of business or restructuring and have had complaints of orders not getting fulfilled and lack of correspondence but is the wholesale source and manufacturer of these great sun visors and does online retail sales along with specials at discount prices.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take Two Sun Visors for Women

So last time I introduced you to Business Appraisals website where you can find all kinds of information when you want to valuate your business.
Another client I have manufactures sun visors for women and they are made in the USA.
Take Two sun visors are referred to by many as the premier women's sun visor. I created a specials page so that she can discount overstock, discontinued or one of a kind sun visors. If you love the outdoors and want to work or play in the sun you need head wear and this is the recommended brand to get. Also if you have a favorite t-shirt from a vacation or event and its not getting used because it stuffed in a drawer somewhere send it to Becky and she can make a sun visor out of it... its cool!
Take Two Sun Visors

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Business Appraisal - Valuation of your business

My first blog and the reason for me starting one is I will be helping my clients achieve better results when search engines index their site. At least that is what my research on SEO tells me about the subject.
One such site explains the purpose of the Business Appraisal which will guide you as to the reasons why you would need a business valuation in the first place. 
Bob has been helping business owners get a grasp of what their business is worth and doing it in a clear, affordable, and accurate manner and that's not just his tagline, he does it.
Bob Klein has a method of appraising businesses that gets results and he has been doing it for over 24 years. I hope these text links generate some traffic for him.
His website if full of useful information and you can even click a link to ask him a question. is the url for his website.